Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holt BMW Part 2

You have heard the adage; "Through rain and sleet, and snow...",  well, that pretty much describes my four hundred mile ride on Saturday (No snow). 

It was raining when I left Springfield early Saturday morning, but as I rode southeast, the skies began clearing.  Arriving in the small town Nelsonville I was able to snap a couple of photos of  some of the trains at the  Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.

Upon arriving at Holt BMW  I scarfed down a hot dog and enjoyed the company of fellow BMW enthusuiast.

Minutes after leaving the dealership to return home some knuckle head surely pissed off  the gods, because the partly cloudy skies began to churn and became as black as midninght.  Apocalyptic rain, hail, and wind, soon began and I knew I was in for a long ride back  (Cue the Gilligans Island theme song).

When I finally arrived home, I was chilled, hungry, and tense, from the ride, but as I rolled the RT into the garage I smiled as I was thankful for the adventure and can't wait to do it all again.

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